The very word is soothing. It brings back special memories of childhood. Of being together with the people we most want to be with.


My father, who otherwise was so busy, had nothing to do other than be with us. Mom was finally able to relax, at least somewhat.


I think the heart of a true vacation is neither the fun and entertainment, nor the absence of work. Rather it is a time set apart for presence. That is what will be remembered, and in a sense, can never be taken away.

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3 Responses to Vacation

  1. josemaria626 says:

    And thus a prefigurement of heaven! Mary has chosen the better part.

  2. Lucy Shufflebarger says:

    Thank you, Dr. Cuddeback, I agree. My family just got back from Duck, NC. I had thought we would dine out and enjoy the town of Duck, but we ended up cooking at the beach house and enjoying our meals in the screened in porch. My son commented that this vacation was much more relaxing, since we didn’t have to be “on the go” so much. We could be present with each other while we cooked and ate our meals without the pressure of waiting in lines or menus. He was so right! We decided next year to rent a house at the other end of the Outer Banks- South Nags Head- there is no development down there, just houses. We are really looking forward to it!

    • Thank you, Mrs. Shufflebarger. We have found at the seashore that it takes some planning and effort to avoid being swept into the hurly-burly. Vacation can indeed be a time of real peace and growth (even if interspersed with an occasional bumper-car!).

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