Socrates insisted on the centrality of examining our lives. The purpose of such examination is clear: we will come closer to being the persons we can be if we accept the challenge of our human identity, of being rational. This is our privilege: to use our reason to consider how to live an ever more fully human life.

Today is a good day to think about how we can focus more on the craft of human life. I am grateful to have the opportunity to reflect with you each week on various aspects of human life. I am announcing today the spring and summer Bethany Weekends Sofia and I will hosting in our home.

Bethany Weekends are part study, part retreat, and part fellowship. Their purpose is threefold: to gain intellectual formation, to consider issues of perennial and current importance among people of like mind, and to experience a simple hospitality in a peaceful and beautiful place. Bethany Weekends are equally suited to couples and individuals, young and old, educated and not-so-educated.

The Bethany Weekends tab has all the details; tuition ‘scholarships’ are available upon request. You can signup here for infrequent but timely information on Bethany Weekends.
Here are our next two offerings:

“The Intentional Household: Discovering a Fully Human Life” May 4-5

A household is a community of daily life, lived in meaningful activities shared with those we love. It is the primary place where we discover, exercise and grow into our humanity. This workshop is an in-depth examination of the nature of this most primordial of human communities. We give special attention to practical steps to revitalize our homes by reclaiming an ancient wisdom and applying it in these challenging times.

“Culture in the Household: Food, Music, Technology and More” August 3-4
Our home can be a bastion of beauty, warmth, and life. But to renew culture, starting in our homes, we must know what we are about. In this workshop we will first examine basic principles of culture. We will then give special attention to the place of food—its origin and preparation, as well as daily dining, and the place of music—a gift that can and should be a part of every person’s life. We will also consider other practical areas, including the challenges of technology, and how technology can be harnessed for the renewal of culture in our homes.

You can APPLY for any Bethany Weekend HERE.
Testimonial: (more at Bethany Weekend tab)
“It truly was one of the most edifying weekends of our marriage! We walked away feeling refreshed and renewed, challenged and encouraged, ready to take life by the horns” – K.M., Front Royal


Living with Yourself

“And a virtuous man wishes to live with himself; for he does so with pleasure, since the memories of his past acts are delightful and his hopes for the future are good, and therefore pleasant. His mind is well stored too with subjects of contemplation.” Aristotle,...

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Might vs. Valor

Phalinus, messenger from Persian King Artaxerxes, demands that the Persians (who had fought with Cyrus, now dead, against Artaxerxes) put down their arms. Xenophon responds: “Phalinus, at this moment, as you see for yourself, we have no other possessions save arms and...

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Of Dogs and Men

“But when he knew he heard Odysseus’s voice nearby, he did his best to wag his tail, nose down, with flattened ears, having no strength to move nearer his master. And the man looked away, wiping a salt tear from his cheek… If this old hound could show the form he had...

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