“Now of all human pursuits, that of wisdom is the most perfect, the most sublime, the most profitable, and the most delightful. It is the most perfect, since in proportion as a man devotes himself to the pursuit of wisdom, so much does he already share in true happiness…”
Thomas Aquinas, Summa contra gentiles

My wife Sofia and I are happy to share our two offerings this summer of what we call Bethany Weekends.

Part study, part fellowship, part retreat. Experience natural beauty and hospitality in our home as we delve together into an ancient wisdom. Each weekend workshop has a specific theme. Experience the richness of a college level study in a non-threatening, nurturing environment.

Bethany Weekends, Summer 2018:

July 28-29 Virtue and the Good Life

We know that virtues are important and that we need to cultivate them. We can name a number of them. But the deeper truth about virtue is probably more profound—and challenging and rewarding—than we have yet conceived.
We will study and discuss the nature of virtue, the kinds of virtue, how they are cultivated, and the difference it makes, using the greatest thinkers of Western civilization.
Lecture notes and recommended reading lists will be provided.
For more details and to apply for a Bethany Weekend go to the Bethany Weekend page.

August 4-5 Friendship and Family Relationships

There is no human happiness without true friendship. In order to be intentional about friendship we need to have a clear understanding of what it is, and of the different kinds. With the great masters, both pagan and Christian, we will delve deeply into this most vital of topics.
Using basic insights from our study of friendship, we will also examine the special challenge of family relationships and the unique role they play in each of our lives.
Lecture notes and recommended reading lists will be provided.
Complimentary copy of True Friendship: Where Virtue Becomes Happiness.
For more details and to apply for a Bethany Weekend go to the Bethany Weekend page.

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Please note that some financial assistance is available.
We wish all a summer marked by the true joy of the pursuit of wisdom.


The Ability to See with Our Own Eyes

“Man’s ability to see is in decline. Those who nowadays concern themselves with culture and education will experience this fact again and again. We do not mean here, of course, the physiological sensitivity of the human eye. We mean here the spiritual capacity to...

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Saying No to Alexa

“Man is the only animal nature has endowed with the gift of speech.” Aristotle, Politics It is estimated that almost a quarter of American homes have a voice-enabled ‘smart speaker,’ and experts predict that over half of households will within a few years. The lion’s...

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In Defense of New Year’s Resolutions

“For not to go only, but to enter there, was naught else but to will to go, but to will it resolutely and thoroughly; not to stagger and sway about this way and that, a changeable and half-wounded will, wrestling, with one part falling as another rose. The mind...

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